Tuesday, October 13, 2009



"Have you fixed it yet?" Bella asked.

"Just about. You know this truck is so old, it's just gonna continue to cause problems. Why won't you go buy a new car?" I asked as I turned the wrench in my hand.

I had been asking her for months to let this poor old truck just die already. This truck was older than both of us put together. She never gave in though. Stating she felt like it was a part of the family, and she couldn't just let it die.

"Edward, we've had this conversation plenty of times. The truck is not going anywhere." She stated as she turned to walk into her parent's house.

Bella and I had been together ever since her parents gave us the green light years ago. It turned out that she and I were very good for each other. Somehow, I made her feel special and she made me feel like living.

We managed not to break Charlie's rules. It wasn't very easy though. We waited until she went to college to finally have sex. Neither one of us wanted to give Charlie any reason to end our relationship, and waiting for sex wasn't that bad. We would often sneak away and make out or fool around. We just never took it all the way. We knew that we were meant for each other and knew there was no reason to rush things between us.

I managed, with Bella's help, to get good enough grades to graduate with her. I had never thought I would graduate from anything, and the feeling of accomplishment was invigorating. Bella and her parents continued to praise me, saying how proud they were of me. One of the best memories of my life came as I walked across that stage and heard their proud cheers as I accepted my diploma. I felt like a real part of their family, and it almost brought me to my knees.

I didn't want to go to a formal university. School was never really my thing. I decided to go to auto mechanic school instead. During the time I lived with the Swan's, Charlie had gotten me interested in cars. He was often showing me how to do minor repairs on the weekends. It was kind of like father son bonding, I guess it could be called.

I graduated from mechanic school a year or so ago. Bella decided to attend college in Seattle and once I had graduated, I moved up there to be with her. I found a good job at a local repair shop. The money was good. We weren't wealthy by any means, but we were stable.

Bella had gotten a scholarship, so thankfully we didn't have to pay for her classes. We rented a small apartment close to campus, and it was our own little world. Although we both missed Charlie and Renee, it was nice to be alone for a while. It was nice to be able to kiss her, and not worry about her father barging in.

Bella will be graduating in the spring. She's earning a bachelor's degree in social work. She said that after meeting me, and seeing what a difference her family made in my life that she wanted to be able to help kids like me. She had such a big heart, and after hearing all the pain I had endured in my life, she felt that social work was her calling.

"Bella," I began as I turned to see her sitting on the porch with Renee. "The truck should be fixed now. Come try to crank it."

"Okay." She quickly walked down the steps and over to the truck. She got in and turned the key. Sure enough, it fired right up.

She stuck her head out the window. "Thank you baby!"

I closed the hood on the truck. "Anytime."

She turned the truck off, and we walked up to the porch.

"You can stay out here with Renee. I just need to go in a wash my hands."

"Okay. I'll be waiting on you." As she kissed me lightly on the cheek.

Once I was finished washing my hands, I walked into the living room. Charlie was sitting in the recliner watching some game on TV.

"Hey Charlie. How's the game?"

"Terrible. We are losing badly. How are you?"

"I'm good. Really good. I wanted to ask you something."

Keeping his gaze into the TV. "Sure, kid, shoot."

"Well," I started as I picked at a loose string handing from the sleeve. "I was thinking of asking Bella to marry me, and I wanted to ask your permission first."

He sat straight up in the recliner and turned to look me in the eyes. "Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack." I replied as I tried to match his gaze. I didn't want him to think less of me by looking away. I wanted him to know how incredibly serious I was.

Charlie pondered his thoughts for a few minutes, and I felt a line of sweat forming down my leg. He then seemed to settle on something, and a bright grin came across his face."Well, you know I already consider you my son. I think it would be great. She loves you a lot."

"I love her too."

"I know you do, Son." He said as he stood up and walked over to hug me. "It's about time you two made this official."


I didn't propose to Bella right away. I had bought the ring weeks beforehand, but I wanted the timing to be perfect. I wanted her to know how much I loved her, and how much I appreciated her.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I packed a picnic lunch for us. I had told her that I wanted to take her somewhere, but never told her anything else.

Surprisingly with out argument, we made it all the way to the playground close the her house. I didn't want to do the typical dinner proposal or something cheesy like proposing at a sporting event. So, I took her to the playground she had taken me to when I first met her. I laid the blanket out on the grass, and we could see the kids playing not far away. I set the basket of food down, and asked her to sit with me.

She sat in between my legs with her back to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, and took it all in. The feel of her skin and the smell of her hair, still gave me butterflies.

"This is nice, Edward."

"I'm glad you think so. Do you remember when you first brought me here?"

"Yeah, that seems like forever ago."

"I know. I can't thank you enough for loving me. You've changed my life in so many ways. I honestly wouldn't be alive without you."

"Don't talk like that. I can't even think of you not being here."

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the little black velvet box that held the small diamond ring. It wasn't huge or anything to brag about, but it was what I could afford. I grabbed her hand, and placed the box in it.

"Open it." I said.

"Edward! What is this? You didn't have to buy me anything."

"Just open it."

She lifted the lid and gasped. "Oh my God. Is this what I think it is?"

I kissed her neck right below her ear, and whispered in her ear. "Will you marry me?"

She squealed and turned around, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. "Yes yes yes yes!"

I pulled her head back and kissed her with all the passion and love in my body. "Thank you."

"I can't believe it! It's so pretty!"

"You deserve something so much bigger and I promise one day I will buy the prettiest ring you can find."

"Edward, don't be silly. I don't need a huge ring. I just need you."

"I love you so much, Bella."

"I love you too." She said before kissing me again.

We decided to leave the playground before our kisses turned into something more passionate and X rated.

I never would've guessed that the Chief's daughter would have been the one to bring me to life. Now, everyday would be as good as that very first day I met her. The broken boy who longed to die was gone, and in his place was man ready to live the rest of his life with the most amazing woman in the world.


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